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Asset Based Loans

At Today Accountant, we work with companies that desire using their assets to receive a business loan. We provide both SBA and non-SBA asset based loans. SBA asset based loans typically are the 7(A) and 504. Non-SBA asset based loans typically involve Equipment, Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring, Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Financing. For businesses that invoice other businesses for their products and services thus creating accounts receivable, there exists several types of business capital: Accounts Receivable Financing & Accounts Receivable Factoring, Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Financing and Inventory Financing.

Asset Based Lending

Most banks extend business financing based upon "cash flow" and ability to repay. Asset based lending rather, looks to the assets of the business, rather than cash flow as the collateral for the loan. If your business would benefit by speeding up its cash flow then we should talk. Today Accountant's Accounts Receivable Financing program enables companies to draw upon their receivables prior to actual payment being received.

Asset Based Financing

Asset based SBA financing generally includes Equipment Financing/Leasing and either 7(A) or 504 finance packages.

SBA 7(A) financing:

Term Loan. Expansion/renovation; new construction, purchase land or buildings; purchase equipment, fixtures, lease-hold improvements; working capital; refinance debt for compelling reasons; seasonal line of credit, inventory

SBA 504 financing:

Long-term, fixed-asset loans; Lender (non-guaranteed) financing secured by first lien on project assets.


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